Transportation of valuables

Transportation of Valuables is one of our core services. The mainstream logistic channels, by their nature, are not well suited for transporting highly valuable items, when close supervision is needed from origin until destination. When in such need, you can fully rely on SCSB Protective Services. We will provide you with a dedicated well-trained and armed guard or a team in the Jordan, who will personally transport and hand-deliver the valuable item to its recipient. Transportation of Valuables Services has the experience and expertise you need to protect your property. Whether you are carrying cash, precious metals or anything else, our transportation services help you achieve your profitability goals while ensuring your peace of mind. All of our armored vehicle transportation solutions have full insurance coverage throughout the journey, adding an extra layer of security. In addition, our armored vehicles are certified to international standards. Our armored vehicles are operated by armed, reliable and highly qualified conveyors, and monitored in real time via our control centers. By opting for our armored vehicle transportation services, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive on time and safely.


We don't just transport cash securely. Many businesses rely on G4S to keep all kinds of high-value and important items protected on the move. Over the years, our expert team has been entrusted with everything from vital documents and data to precious metals, jewellery, art and even world-famous sporting trophies. Our unrivalled logistics and security expertise means complete peace of mind for you as well as total security for your items.