Security Consultations

Shark Company can provide your facilities with security consultations provided by manyprofessional security experts enjoying armed forces and police backgrounds. They are proficient in preparing risk assessment reports, surveying locations, developing emergency and evacuation plans and delivering the best security solutions at a reasonable cost. Shark Company security generally refers to store and merchandise protection measures and techniques that retailers adopt for a more secure sales environment. Our security consulting services give you the opportunity to update your security solution. We focus on the immediate future based on the changes you anticipate in your operations in order to prevent the risk of an insufficient security level. We will then provide you with suggestions for planning a cost-effective security solution. We’ll handpick your consultant Once you’ve picked Falanx for a consulting engagement, your account manager will allocate a consultant to your engagement. The consultant will be chosen from our governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) team, and will be a subject matter expert, able to meet the objectives defined within the proposal. The account manager will then engage with our scheduling team to identify a range of availability dates which meet your timescale requirements. These will be offered to you and you can choose whatever suits your business, before locking them into our consultant’s diary.


Education for us and for you The first day of your consultation typically begins at 9.30am. Your Falanx consultant will often start the day with an awareness session, engaging with key stakeholders in your business to articulate the approach that will be taken, bespoke to your requirements. This is an opportunity for key stakeholders to learn more about compliance obligations (such as GDPR, PCI-DSS or ISO-27001), and for Falanx to learn as much as possible about your organisation to understand the implications and requirements of a cyber security consultation for you.