VIP Escort

Shark for Security & Armed Protection Company provides services of escorting delegations and businessmen during their travels and providing close protection to them by trained professional security officers with extensive experience in this field and via modern vehicles devised specifically for this purpose. Responsible for escorting of all non-cleared personnel, janitorial/maintenance crews, and contractors performing work in secure areas of the mission or other locations as directed by the supervisor to ensure that secure areas remain uncompromised. Secures worksite upon completion of work by ensuring that all uncleared personnel have exited the area. Prepares and ensures that all materials entering a CAA have been inspected by designated personnel prior to entering. May be responsible for locally procuring items required for use within the CAA space, according to the randomized procurement methods described in relevant sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual. As required, responsible for the control and safe operation of any job-related equipment and supplies such as destruction eq


Performs all duties of escort, by monitoring and escorting of uncleared personnel into controlled access areas (CAA) or other locations within mission facilities and grounds. The position is either full time, part time, or on an as needed basis, some after-hours, weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is directly supervised by the Facilities Manager.